Carrying style on your neck

Whatever you wear and wherever you are, your dress would always be incomplete without a class pendant. Every girl out their trying to make their own style statement must know how a pendant can enhance their style. In order to be stylish you must know how to experiment with your dress as well as accessories. In this article I am going to write about different types of pendants every girl MUST have.

  1. Hamsa pendants: Starting from this super religious pendant which follows back from the middle eastern tasliman. It is religious because this pendant is known for symbolizing “Hand of God.” Not just this but it is called religious because it is said that the one who wears this pendant is protected from evil eye or any sort of misfortune. Hamsa is formed in the shape of a hand which serves the purpose of reminding its wearer that she must praise god with all her 5 senses. You don’t need any special outfit to wear this pendant. Just wear it and flaunt your style. It is designed in silver, gold, semi-precious gems as well as pearls.
  2. Casual pendants: It is named casual but it’s not. You know why? Because it gives you are superb and stylish look to your outfits. It can be any outfit, there’s no specification in that. This pendant gives a versatile look to your style. This pendant will be available in different color, design, shape as well as material (metal). You can wear these pendants whenever or wherever you want and it will make you a trendsetter. You can see these pendants with different and beautiful designs.
  3. Cross Jesus pendants: Cross pendants are known for their great religious beliefs. Usually worn by Christians, gifted on Christmas these pendants show the belief of people in Jesus Christ. But it doesn’t mean that only Christians can wear this. All other girls who like it and want to wear it can do it. It can be made either from silver, gold or even of stainless steel. These pendants can be plain or embedded with beautiful gem stones. You can gift it for Christmas. These beautiful pendants can make you look stunning as well as elegant.
  4. Statement pendants: As the name suggests this beautiful pendant is created to make a style statement for everyone. Nowadays everyone wants a statement pendant to give their look a different style. These pendants are popular because of the reason that they can maintain the modern and traditional style. It has a peppy design and style. You can wear this pendant on any dress and it is made of different color with different stones as well as designs. These pendants are big and have an eye catching design.
  5. Heart pendants: Most of the girls prefer wearing something cute. So here is this cute heart shaped pendant. You can give this pendant to your beloved as a means to show how much you love them. The meaning of heart is usually associated with love so this pendant serves this purpose too. These cute pendants come in different colors as well as design. These pendants can be empty or you can also keep photo of you and your beloved inside it to show how much you love each other. These are the most popular type of pendants and the most romantic ones too.
  6. Gemstone pendants: A gemstone pendant for a gem! These pretty pendants are here for all the pretty ladies out there. You want to be the centre of attraction then wear these pendants. A number of beautiful, rare and exotic gemstones are used to make such pendants like ruby, emerald, sapphire, citrine etc. These stones have meanings associated with them. Like you can see sapphire means loyalty, ruby means love etc. People also wear the gem according to their birth date or based on the initial alphabet of their names.
  7. Pearl pendants: Last but not the least we have pearl pendants in our list. Why pearls are in the list? Because they should be! Pearls are ever green and never go out of fashion. Pearls symbolises many things like love, luck, warmth as well as protection to its wearer. Pearls are so elegant and go with almost every dark or light color. You can wear them on a dress and they look equally elegant on a saree. They can be of different sizes so you get a whole variety of them.

So here are some of the pendants you must have and can see why. Here I conclude this article with a note that in order to be stylish you can wear these pendants. Wear them and be the limelight of every event.

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